How to Get 8GB+ Extra Dropbox Space for Free with Google AdWords

Lifehacker has a great post today on how you can max out your Dropbox referral by using AdWords. I have heard of this method before but never needed to try it since I was able to max out my referral credit without it.

If you want to read more check out the Lifehacker post.

Thanks to JT for linking to us in the comments. Been great to see all the new reviews coming in.

For those coming from Lifehacker, we are running behind in accepting reviews, but we will get them all done as soon as possible. Thanks!

Update: There are a few comments from people that this method could get your AdWords account banned! That is a lifetime AdWords ban. If you absolutely need your AdWords account you might want to stay away from this method. See the comments here on the Lifehacker post.

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